Soft Orange Glow

by Future Boy



A heartwarming Christmas tune of love-almost-lost.


You left me this Christmas morning
Took the 8 AM bus out of town
I cried and begged you to stay
Watched you fold your arms and stand your ground
Alone, I unwrapped the gifts under the tree
Held the necklace I bought for you
Put on the sweater you bought for me

It came as such a surprise
that I still can't believe it's true
I've got to get these feelings
From inside of me outside to you
If you look through our window, this is how you'll know
You'll find me waiting by the Christmas fire
And the living room lit with a soft orange glow

Be the star on my tree
Be the fig in my pudding
Like the snow on the ground
Or a carol sung in round
Be the bells on my sleigh
Be my angel in the snow

Lit with a soft orange glow
Lit with a soft orange glow

I fall asleep without a warning
With a lit cigarette in my hand
I dream about a desert island
Where I've been buried up to my neck in the sand
Just when I thought that I wouldn't survive
I open my eyes and in the evening sun
See you walking up the drive

Lit with a soft orange glow
Lit with a soft orange glow
Lit with a soft orange glow
Lit with a soft orange glow


released 25 December 2013
Written and Recorded by Damien Di Fede
Cover Art is Pixel Fireplace by Hex-Ray Studios (



all rights reserved


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Future Boy Austin, Texas

Future Boy has been releasing music on the internet since August, 2003 when he entered his first Songfight. Since then, he has released several albums, including an adaptation of Philip K Dick's "A Maze of Death", which was a collaboration with fellow Songfighter Johnny Cashpoint. More recently, he has been exploring the intersection of 8-bit synths and mellow rhodes with Pretty In The Moonlight. ... more

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