New Year's Day (Automatic Writing)

by Future Boy

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This Album-A-Day was written and recorded between 3am and 11am on New Year's Day, 2005, after returning home from a New Year's Eve party. The lyrical style is inspired by an improvised song performed by one of the children at the party named Milo. He was almost 5. Some of the words of his song were written down and they appear on this album as the song Hoidle. All of the lyrics were written in the space of about 30 minutes in a semi-stream of consciousness way. The keyboard being used is a Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano, which I was baby-sitting for a friend of mine. It was fun to play, but kind of hard on my wrists.


released January 2, 2005


all rights reserved



Future Boy Austin, Texas

Future Boy has been releasing music on the internet since August, 2003 when he entered his first Songfight.

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Track Name: Lonely Moonshine
Oh look at the time
It's quarter to five
I've got to go to the dep
Please don't slip on the steps

Even back in the day
When I was a real player
I couldn't catch her eye
Believe me, I tried

Lonely moonshine
Shiny lonely moon
I hope you come home soon

At nine o'clock last night
I woke with a start
I was sweating like mad
But it's only a fad

Last year about this same time
I was green in the gills
I took me some pills
It was only gingivitus


A crumbly cookie couch
Now that was just my imagination
Maybe if I lay down
I will be able to frown

All the milk has gone sour
But I still drink it
It doesn't make me nauseaus
I try to be cautious

Track Name: My Two Baby Girls
Quick, quick, before it runs out
It's getting away from you there
I don't mean to shout
But I'm afraid of your reclining chair

Look, there it goes across the yard
Try not to get tangled in the ivy
I know that your vision is hard
But your liver is really quite lively

Hanging from the clothesline
Dripping with pearls
Lost in a dumpster
My two baby girls

If you follow it to a conclusion
I think you'll find it makes sense
And living alone in seclusion
Is worse than a new picket fence

Eat the meatballs right now
I seasoned them my very own self
They're formed from the heart of a cow
And aged on the very top shelf

Track Name: Cavity
My tooth hurts
I tried to pull it out but it was stuck
I've got bad luck

I always brush often
But apparently I don't brush often enough
My life is tough

Take away candy
It's obviously rotted my enamel away
What a sad day

I'll visit the dentist
He'll lecture me about flossing and other dental hygene issues
He offer me tissues

He'll drill my tooth
And he won't offer me novocain first because I deserve to suffer
What a tough lover

I'll show the filling
To all of my friends and aquaintances so that they will be impressed
After I'll rest
Track Name: Seaman Is Dead
Seaman is dead
Sing a song of sorrow
He didn't get fed
We'll bury him tomorrow

His smile was so sweet
His eyes always glimmered
In heaven we'll meet
For now I will simmer

He spoke with such grace
With precision and wit
I remember his face
A lopsided twit

I know I forgot
To feed him for weeks
But it was not
My intention

A single tear I shed
For his passing was sad
My heart has now bled
But my spirit is glad

Long live the Seaman
A fish with a face
He was but a wee man
With a wet embrace
Track Name: Ice Skating
Wait wait wait
I thought I said
Didn't you understand me
I wish you were dead

Touch the giblets
Lick my chin
Rub up against some leather
Ice skating

Please please please
Go away right now
No I can't talk
I'm on the phone


Yes yes yes
Of course I understand
I speak english too
Please stop speaking French


Up up up
The temperature is rising
I have a good thermometer
I like mercury

Track Name: So You Want To Break Up
Ok, so I lied about being a man
Look just be glad I'm still attracted to you
No, I don't expect you to still go out with me
But can we still sleep together?

If you insist on going away
At least take your smelly underwear with you
I don't appreciate the way you soil the bed
Especially when I have to sleep in it

So, does my ambiguous sex make you uncomfortable
I could wear a strap on to ease your mind
If you'd just calm down for a second
You'd see that it's actually a very interesting viewpoint

Sure, kick me out if you want to
I don't mind living on the street
I can turn tricks for lots of money
Not everybody is as uptight as you

A year from now you'll see me and wonder
How I survived in the street all alone
But you'll be pushing a stroller with a kid in it
And living with a well-off man

I don't mind if you start wearing cardigans
And sweatpants with buttons up the sides
You can join the Rotary club for all I care
It's certainly no skin off my nose

Will you enjoy your bridge games at the home?
I think you'll miss my mysterious pelvis
It's my understanding most old men are incontinent
Not that you care about the urinary tract
Track Name: Dopey Soap
Skree skra in the mee maw
Dump the sump pump
You dopey soap
I hope you are a kaleidescope

Botch the swatch watch
Meet and greet elite
Mayors and soothsayers
Please pass the ketchup

Jitter and twitter
Glitter for fitter sitters
If it is a swift lift
Sift a new sniff

Keep up the hose
Give me one of those
He's not what I chose
Stop wearing clothes

Cats and bats with hats
Kitten mittens
Sit in the kitchen
That would be bitchin

Maybe we could go there
Turn right at the light
Duck under the bridge
She won't move a smidge
Track Name: Even If You Go Away (You Return Later)
You are lost to the world
Your brain is oozing toast
What was left of the cheese
A red station wagon

Don't leave the door open
It's cold outside
My mind is a meat locker
Passion fruit is smelly

Even if you go away
You come back after you leave
You leave after you come back
You return later

Teach me how to read
My syllable is missing
A watch stopped ticking
Please clean the table

Yesterday was a nice thing
Icicles on the balcony
The cat puked on the sofa
Germantown is a nice place


Leave the dishes for me
I enjoy scrubbing bubbles
Rinse off the skis
I skinned my knees

Track Name: Hoidle
You are all tartar sauce
Dripping on the table
Only the bad guys get killed
Hoidle Hoidle Hoidle

You guys are Hoidle animals
They are square with a head
It's not a giraffe or a dinosaur
It's just a made up thing
With a beak that goes up high
And snaps at her from earth


You are Hoidle Hoidle
All the ice the months
All even in summer
or in the spring
or in the fall
There's two, they never die,
They never get old
You are Hoidles


It can snap all the planets off earth
Higher than earth
Into outer space
Higher than space
The space the galaxy
To the end of the galaxy
Your necks get longer as you grow older
You are Hoidles
Track Name: Make Me Mutatinous
Tinkertoys tell a tall tale
Fudging fingers fiddle with me
Please put away the pot
It smells like snake

Make me mutatinous
Marshmellow mush
Meet my moot point
What a nice joint

Alliteration leaves little room
Let's stop now
Take the bark away
Bite off the tip


Push button programming
Television gum
Chew on that you scoundrel

Track Name: Resolutions
Take a long trip to Hong Kong
Build my own bong
Get comfortable wearing a thong
Write a new song

Make carrots and peas
Try a new cheese
Cover my face when I sneeze
Try not to freeze

Buy a new crayon
Wear lots more rayon
Get my glasses to stay on
Learn to use a bayonette

Stab a few folks
Learn some new jokes
Hope my rich aunt croaks
Start saying 'blokes'

These are my resolutions
Track Name: One More
One more for the road
One more for the pasture
One more for the little child
Sleeping in my lap

One more for the flag
One more for my country
One more for the fleas
That torment my cat

One more for the team
One more for management
One more for the cubicle
That I love so much

One more for the cops
One more for the albatross
One more for the mouse
That lives in my house